Marijuana Abuse Prevention – What Not To Do Once You’re Clean

Although for some people going through the withdrawal effects of marijuana abuse is something pretty scary and that’s what it keeps them from going back to the drug once they’re clean, for others the soberness hangs on a very thin thread. That’s why you also prepare yourself for the time after the you’re off marijuana addiction.

So, here’s what you must do once the withdrawal effects are gone and you feel normal again.

1. Obviously, don’t smoke again. That would be the biggest mistake that you could do after going through a complete marijuana addiction treatment. It will mark a point of failure in your life and will probably take you to the pothead status once again.

2. Don’t go to parties where everyone else smokes marijuana. I’m pretty sure that if you used to smoke marijuana, you didn’t do it alone. And your smoking buddies will try to get a hold of you, take back into their group, take you to parties where everyone gets high with many other substances. Going to a party like that you will be exposed to a high degree of craving and you just might slip and smoke just that one joint to feel at home. Or even worse, since you’ll under pressure not of not smoking weed again, you just might turn to other drugs which may be much more devastating than weed.

3. Don’t isolate yourself. Many people that have a marijuana addiction problem smoke this drug to take their head of their problems, to disconnect and even to fight insomnia. Disorder that can be induced by smoking weed in the first place. Once you’re of the drug, the image of the problems you might have in your like may strike you even harder and that’s why you must keep family and friends close. Also, try to solve all your problems and for those that can’t be solved, try to find solutions to manage them.

4. Don’t just lay there, do something. Just locking yourself up in the house won’t do any good. Try to be active, try to replace your old habit with something else. Go fishing, go hiking, go to the stadium and watch the game, go to the park and socialize with people, anything to keep yourself connected.

This way you will surely beat marijuana addiction for good and your marijuana abuse prevention will succeed, allowing you to remain clean for the rest of your life.


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